Animoca Brands to Release the Mocaverse PFP Collection Reserved for Companies and Partners in Its Portfolio

The leading web3 company pushing the ethos of the open metaverse and gaming to the masses, Animoca Brands, has recently announced the launch of the membership NFT collection dubbed Mocaverse. The outstanding series of 8,888 PFPs represents cute alien-like characters, called Mocas, split over five races, such as Dreamers, Builders, Angels, Connectors, and Neo-Capitalists. These races or tribes have their own unique abilities, but are most empowered when they work together. The same ideology concerns over 360 companies and projects, united under Animoca Brands' big roof, that work together for the sake of common big results.

Being a membership NFT collection, Mocaverse was created with Animoca Brands' family, friends, and partners in mind to provide them with bountiful opportunities to learn, build, play games, and do good in the metaverse. These directions are four key pillars, on which the whole Mocaverse ecosystem is built. Moreover, each of the four directions acts as a separate realm in the Mocaverse that functions as a channel for members to exchange ideas, educate, and build a strong community in the metaverse.

Thus, Moca holders will be offered a unique opportunity to learn from expert AMAs and workshops, play together thanks to game passes and specific in-game assets, build together, with an accelerator program, and do good together, participating in social charities.

Like the ecosystem it represents, Mocaverse will continue to evolve, adding new utilities, partnerships, and rewards in the long run.

"The community of Animoca Brands stretches around the world and across the open metaverse,” Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, commented on the Mocaverse creation.

Although sounding and looking so much beneficial, the Mocaverse NFT collection is not for everyone. Thus, the exclusive Mocaverse NFTs will be reserved for the selected few collectors who are directly relevant to the Animoca Brands family:

  • Animoca Brands’ institutional and retail investors
  • Employees of Animoca Brands and its subsidiaries
  • Management of teams of companies in Animoca Brands’ Web3 investment portfolio
  • Partners of Animoca Brands

Once you are one of the lucky ones in the list of Animoca-related people, you'd better set your alarms for Q1 2023, when the Mocaverse NFTs are planned to release.