Diesel Teases a New NFT Collection in Partnership with HAPE NFT

The global lifestyle and fashion brand Diesel is continuing its web3 foray. Currently, through the partnership with the hyping HAPE NFT project. The upcoming collection is already the second official Diesel NFT series after the successful launch of D: VERSE earlier this year.

The upcoming NFT drop is a joint brainchild of Diesel’s creative director Glenn Martens and HAPE founder and creator, Digimental. Scheduled to launch in 2023, the collection's brand face is Diesel Genesis Hape, who is a Diesel ambassador within the Hape community. 

The partnership is mutually beneficial for both fashion and the web3 brand. Thus, for Diesel, the collab means the strengthening of its position in the digital and NFT arena, while HAPE uses Diesel's big name to root deeper into the web3 fashion space.

“Technology is an important factor for the new generations in defining their personality and their way of interacting. We want to make fashion more open and innovative,” Stefano Rosso, CEO of BVX OTB group, commented on the upcoming drop.

According to Rosso, fans can expect the future Diesel x HAPE NFT collection to offer both virtual and real-life perks, like the drop of the limited-edition, legendary 1DR POD crossbody bag. Additionally, holders will be allowed to exclusive events and other community-focused utilities.

Speaking on the joint NFT collection with Diesel, Digimental says that this partnership is aimed at building the future of digital fashion, pushing other web2 and web3 brands to a shared creative vision and community building.

For now, no details concerning the official minting date, nor other specifics were announced, besides Twitter Spaces, hosted by both co-founders on January 25th at 12 am EST. 

Stay tuned, and sniff the wind for updates!