Unifred Unifred 28.06.2023

Yuga Labs is to Unveil Metaverse Game Dubbed HV-MTL Forge

Yuga Labs, the company behind the leading NFT project Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), has taken its gaming experience to the next level. Through the upcoming metaverse game dubbed HV-MTL Forge, the firm adds more utility for its HV-MTL (Heavy Metal) NFT community.

In a tweet, Yuga Labs noted that Season 1 of the metaverse gaming experience will be unveiled on June 29th. The tweet revealed its tagline as “Build. Flex. Fight. Evolve.” In the digital gaming experience, players will be able to build in-game houses for their HV NFTs, create customized workshops to evolve their NFTs, show off their creations and unlock special abilities.

The gaming experience will be released alongside the HV-MTL NFT collection, made up of 30,000 items.

In December, Yuga Labs started growing its HV-MTL community with a whimsical storyline of The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey. In mid-January, the company unveiled the free Sewer Pass NFTs, which were initially claimable by existing BAYC and MAYC holders—owning one of the Sewer Pass collectibles allowed for participating in an endless runners-style skill-based game dubbed Dookey Dash.

The BAYC ecosystem grew by 40% after over 25,500 players joined the race in the sewers in the quest for a Dookey Dash Golden Key. In the end, only one winner, Kyle Mongraal Jackson, received the Golden Key. In March, he sold the digital key for 1,000 ETH ($1.6 million).

The next on the HV-MTL roadmap was the Summoning Event, which commenced on March 15th. Holders of the Sewer Pass NFTs were offered to burn their collectibles to receive one of eight variations of the Power Sources, thereby revealing an Evo 1 Mech.

By introducing a metaverse gaming experience for the HV-MTL community, Yuga Labs shows its commitment to adding more value to the nascent ecosystem. Stay tuned as HV-MTL Forge enters the realm.