Yuga Labs Held the Summoning Event and Revealed Its HV-MTL NFT Collection

The Summoning Event by Yuga Labs has finally started among the Sewer Pass NFT holders. On March 15th, the Pass owners were offered to burn their tokens to receive one of eight variations of “Power Sources,” which are irreplaceable in the new Yuga Labs' NFT collection dubbed HV-MTL. 

On the Summoning day, the news portal of Yuga Labs dubbed Bored Apes Gazette published a series of articles, concerning the “summoning ritual that will bring an incredible power source from another dimension into our world”. Additionally, in its official tweet, posted one hour before the Summoning, Yuga Labs revealed a video teaser and a few lines, reading: "We’ve Dookey’d and we’ve dashed. Now the holder of the Key can begin to fulfill Gary the Dog Prophet’s prophecy by releasing the power from within the Box."

Speaking of the results of Summoning, the new NFT collection will reveal an Evo 1 Mech, allowing the holders to access a series of new mini-games to unlock the additional HV-MTL morphing stages. The revealing mechanics is as follows: burn Sewer Passes, summon a Power Source, and reveal the Evo 1 Mech. 

The HV-MTL NFT series made up of 30,000 Mechs caused a real trading splash on the OpenSea marketplace, which is ongoing now on the secondary market. Thus, according to OpenSea, the floor price of the collection reaches 2,22 ETH at the time of writing with 7,182 ETH of trading volume so far.

Currently, there are 16,6 HV-MTL power sources listed on OpenSea with potentially more others to hit the market. Their rarity depends on the score reached in Yuga Labs’ Dookey Dash running game. The rarities include Legendary (the No. 1 score), Holo (2-250), Reaver (251-1,250), Celestial (1,251-4,250), Knight (4,251-9,250), Bio (9,251-15,250), Dynamic (15,251-22,250), and Glitch (22,251-30,000).

As we previously reported, the whole buzz around the Dookey Dash initiative started after the professional gamer Mongraal had sold his Golden Key NFT for 1,000 ETH ($1.6 million) to the CEO of Upstate Shredding, Adam Weitsman.  

While Yuga Labs didn't roll out official statements concerning the Power Sources' utility, it is known that these NFTs will be used in the company’s Otherside metaverse gamified space. The step-by-step revealing of the project's roadmap explains why only 6% of Power Source holders put their NFTs for sale.

With such a massive web3 expansion, Yuga Labs started in 2023, there’s no doubt it is betting big on metaverse gaming. Let's wait and see what whimsical worlds the web3 giant is preparing for its millions of fans!