Unifred Unifred 11.07.2023

Starbucks Odyssey Partners With Micah Johnson to Launch Aku Collectibles

Starbucks Odyssey, the Web3 loyalty program of the coffee-making company Starbucks, has joined forces with the former Major League Baseball player and NFT superstar Micah Johnson, to unveil a new digital Stamp based on the Aku NFT franchise to the coffee-loving audience.

In its dedicated Discord channel, Starbucks stated that it would incorporate the expertise of Aku to start a new ‘Journey’, dubbed Aku Adventure. Slated to be launched on July 17th and last until August 13th, the latest iteration will enable Odyssey members to “embark on a mission with Aku.” 

The Starbucks Odyssey team added that the Stamp launch will also feature a $100,000 donation to Blessings in a Backpack, a non-profit organization addressing food insecurity among children.

The Aku collectibles is a non-fungible franchise created by Micah Johnson. Inspired by Johnson’s nephew who asked if black boys can become astronauts, the collection features an animated black boy named Aku with big dreams, confidence, and an oversized astronaut helmet. The former MLB player designed the Aku character as a symbol of every child’s potential for greatness.

“At Aku, our mission is to empower all kids to have the audacity to dream without limits and to break down barriers to chase those dreams. We do this through innovative content that resonates, educates, and inspires them to believe that anything is possible,” the project stated.

Since its launch, the Aku franchise has seen collaborations with major companies such as the American headphone-making company Beats by Dre. The NFT project has also gained attention after being featured on the cover page of the New York-based news magazine Time. Starbucks Odyssey now becomes the newest on the list of collabs.

Starbucks had previously debuted several NFT Stamps to its coffee-loving audience within the Starbucks Odyssey loyalty program. By teaming up with Aku, it shows its support for Aku’s mission of not just being good but also doing good.