Unifred Unifred 28.08.2023

Doodles Teams Up With Crocs for Exclusive Phygital Footwear Collection

Renowned Web3 brand Doodles is set to blur the line between the physical and digital realms through its latest partnership with global footwear company Crocs. The collaboration features a limited-edition line of Crocs Classic Clogs designed by Burn Toast, co-creator of Doodles – and the Doodles creative team. 

Each pair of the Classic Clogs showcases the signature Doodles-Camo design, paired with an 8-pack of Jibbitz charms. In addition, each purchase of a Clog will include a redeemable ´Crocs Box’ digital collectible. 

The box will unlock access to 2 Doodles Wearables and a Beta Pass. The pass lets holders into Doodles Stoodio, an immersive platform for creating and customizing Doodles characters. Moreover, collectors can dress up their Doodles avatars with the latest range of Crocs wearables within the virtual realm.

The Clogs will be available exclusively on Doodles' dedicated website starting August 29th. Each piece will sell for $120. Notably, original holders of Doodles digital collectibles will get exclusive access and pricing. They will be able to purchase the footwear for a discounted price of $99 during a 24-hour presale on August 28th.

Heidi Cooley, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Crocs, highlights the uniqueness of the latest collection.

"Together, we're offering a unique collection that draws on our collective innovation and devoted fanbases that bridge the physical and digital worlds," she said.

Since filing for NFT trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office earlier in 2022, Crocs has continued to delve deeper into the non-fungible realm to better engage with customers and create new revenue streams. Its latest collab with one of the most renowned NFT projects highlights the brand’s commitment to leveraging blockchain technology to transcend beyond traditional boundaries and stay on top of innovations.