Unifred Unifred 28.08.2023

NFL Rivals Game Introduces NFT Purchasing on iOS and Android

Renowned game publisher Mythical Games has introduced a new feature in its mobile football game NFL Rivals. Based on this update, players will be able to purchase the gaming cards as NFTs on the secondary market through iOS and Android applications. Before now, the feature was only available on Mythical's web-based marketplace. 

However, the latest update is only meant for players who have reached level 4 or higher in the game. Users who have passed this stage will be able to browse and purchase NFT player cards by tapping on the ‘Improve My Roster’ button on the team roster menu. To purchase an NFT through the iOS or Android app, players must also buy Credits, the game's new in-game currency. 

Credits can be purchased using fiat currency via the App Store or Play Store. Once users have Credits, they can use them to get NFTs from Mythical's web-based marketplace. While Mythical has rolled out this buy functionality for its game, players can only browse and sell the entire selection of listed NFT card players through the marketplace. Moreover, purchased cards will be kept in players' Mythical accounts, which must be connected to the game to activate their functionality. 

Developed by Mythical Games, NFL Rivals is a fantasy football game in which players act as team general managers (GMs) and compete against each other. The game is fully licensed with NFL characters and teams, allowing players to build a team of their favorite players. The game features a unique system whereby players purchase NFT cards representing a specific NFL player.

NFL Rivals soft-launched on April 26th and has since recorded over 2 million downloads with over 15 million matches played. The game officially launched on August 24th ahead of the 2023 NFL season. Mythical also stated that it will continue testing multiple in-game marketplace integrations in the coming months.

Mythical Games’ decision to let players purchase NFT player cards via a mobile app marks a strategic move focused on moving the blockchain-enabled game economy further, thus enhancing users' accessibility, experience, and engagement within the game.