Unifred Unifred 22.08.2023

Azuki and Museum of Mahomes Teamed Up to Release Exclusive Sports Collectibles

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes continues to expand his legacy beyond the physical field. The two-time Super Bowl Champion is now going to shake the digital realm with his Museum of Mahomes (M.O.M.) brand and a renowned NFT project, Azuki. 

In a recent tweet, the Museum of Mahomes, a digital collectibles platform founded by Patrick Mahomes and D-O-M marketing agency, announced the collaboration that will feature limited-edition physical trading cards with custom artworks depicting pivotal moments in Patrick Mahomes's career. These artworks, designed by the Azuki art team, will be exclusively available to Azuki token holders.

As reported, one of the trading cards will be a special one-of-one card with additional Mahomes-themed design elements. The unique card will be raffled off by an Azuki community member to the Azuki community during a live stream later this August. 

The latest project is just one of several digital art initiatives released under the Museum of Mahomes name. Launched in 2021, the Museum of Mahomes platform empowers fans to own digital renditions of Patrick Mahomes' iconic career moments through digital collectibles.

Following its launch in 2021, the platform sold 500 unique digital collectibles and generated an impressive $3.7 million in revenue, breaking the record for the highest-grossing athlete NFT project within a 20-minute timeframe.

During an appearance on CNBC's The Exchange, Patrick Mahomes noted that through the Museum of Mahomes, he aims to transcend boundaries and make a lasting impact both on and off the field.

The latest collaboration between the Museum of Mahomes and Azuki represents a significant step toward elevating the realm of digital sports collectibles. Limited-edition physical trading cards from this collaboration are expected to be highly sought-after by both Patrick Mahomes’ fans and the Azuki community. Stay tuned for more updates!