Unifred Unifred 18.08.2023

Slimesunday to Revive the Early NFT Spirit with the Great Purge Project

NFT artist Slimesunday, otherwise known as Mike Parisella, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking NFT initiative. With an idea in mind to rekindle the original spirit of creativity, revive the early NFT days, and eliminate malicious NFTs from bad players, Slimesunday launches a one-of-a-kind project, dubbed ‘The Great Purge’. 

In a detailed announcement shared on X, formerly Twitter, Slimesunday took his audience on a journey down memory lane reflecting back to 2020 when he first entered the non-fungible realm. At that time, he found and joined a cohort of early NFT creators, such as Pak, Coldie, Trevor Jones, Hackatao, Josie Bellini, XCOPY, and CryptoPunks creators Matt Hall and John Watkinson. These brilliant minds pioneered the NFT movement, operating ‘ahead of the curve, grasping the transformative nature of this technology long before it became a buzzword.’ Slimesunday, together with the aforementioned creators, preached the uniqueness of NFTs to a wide range of audiences. A bit later when non-fungible tokens started to become mainstream and more and more PFP projects came to the limelight, things significantly changed. The purity and beauty of the realm was soiled by hasty trades, quick turnovers, and a detachment from the original artistic value. Scams and malicious projects were also doubling in amount. 

“A world that was once about innovation, creativity, and community suddenly had its values overshadowed by greed, deception, and short-term thinking,” Slimesunday wrote.

Recalling good old days and wishing to make shifts and adjustments in the realm, Slimesunday is set to launch the Great Purge project. It means a so-called cleansing, namely offering collectors to flush out all ‘worthless NFTs from their wallets’. It entails burning a certain number of NFTs from failed and scam projects in exchange for one of Slimesunday’s NFTs. The artist adds that these new NFTs will have a more meaningful ‘commitment to quality, authenticity, and the original spirit of innovation.’ The purge is set to commence on August 21st.

As Slimesunday debuts a revolutionary mechanism to eradicate scams and greed from the NFT realm, it shows his commitment to building on the realm’s true purpose – empowering creators and creating a creator-collection connection.