Unifred Unifred 02.05.2023

Pharrell Williams Curates Digital Wearables for Doodles NFT Project

Web3 entertainment company Doodles is moving to enhance its community engagement by launching a collection of phygital wearables curated by popular American musician Pharrell Williams. This is one more step forward to scale the project after the launch of the Character Builder with a feature of changing apparel and attributes for Doodles NFT holders’ full-body avatars. 

Dubbed the 'Pharrell Pack,' the series is a limited-edition box featuring a selection of wearables and physical merchandise from some of Williams' favorite brands, including Adidas, Human Made, Billionaire Boys Club (BBC), and Ice Cream. 

The number of packs will be limited to 300 items with three exclusive wearables, one beta pass, and one physical redeemable inside. 48 out of the 300 boxes will contain a redeemable grail and matching grail wearable. The remaining 252 packs will feature the colored (non-green) Adidas Sambas as redeemable and exclusive-level wearables.  

Pharrell Packs are free to mint for Doodles holders but they must complete certain tasks before May 4th to be eligible for getting them. The requirements include setting up their Stoodio profile, burning a beta pass, and "dooplicating" at least once to open a Genesis box. After completing these tasks, Doodles will enter all entries into a random lottery to win these items.

On May 5, 300 packs will be airdropped to the lucky winners' wallets on Ethereum. Once opened, the items will be available in their Flow wallets and can be explored on the Gaia marketplace. To get a physical item, holders need to burn the Redeemable NFT. 

It is worth mentioning that all redeemables must be claimed between June 6th and June 15th. Otherwise, the redemption NFT will be burned by Doodles, leaving winners with nothing.

The latest initiative shows that Pharrell Williams and Doodles are an integral part of each other's lives. Williams has a massive influence over the Doodles brand in his role as Chief Brand Officer while Doodles help him grow and scale as a professional in different areas. 

Commenting on the new collection, Williams said, "Art and technology have been two of the most transformational influences on me. Doodles is bringing these two worlds together in an immersive universe."

Meanwhile, the latest development highlights Doodles' continuous efforts to build and develop into a huge lifestyle brand inside and beyond the NFT realm. With community engagement in mind and providing them with rewards as well as with an intention to create a universe that bridges IP and social identity, ‘Pharrell Pack’ seems to be the right move to reach this goal.