Doodles Unveiled the Doodle Map to Navigate the Doodleverse

The iconic NFT project Doodles is finally proceeding with its highly-anticipated new foundation layer titled the Doodle Map. The initiative will  be far more than an ETH Roadmap, based on the Doodles’ assurance to ‘ship products, not promises.’

Having made a splash at the thrilling NFT Paris event, Doodles doesn't drop speed, ramping up the Doodle Map which has won a lion's share of attention from the Doodles community. The project announced the launch of the Doodle Map via a Twitter thread, which reads: “Our mission is to inspire belief in the idea that doodling has the power to ignite our imagination and transport us to new realities.” 

Being a lens to the Doodle NFT Universe and a one-fits-all link between a variety of Doodles’ sub-divisions, Doodle Map also acts as a compass for a community to better understand the branches' mechanics. 

According to Doodles’ founders, the holders of the initial Doodle NFT collectibles will still be the main community in the Doodleverse, with multiple new experiences awaiting ahead. Being enthusiastic about the revolutionary opportunities of web3, Doodles offers an entirely new approach to storytelling and identity. With the upcoming initiative, the company keeps on leveraging the ways it uses revolutionary tech, attracting collectors, holders, and avid fans under the branded roof of the Doodles Metaverse space.

As for the plans, Doodles will continue supporting the Ethereum ecosystem, alongside seeking new ways to simplify the entrance to the blue-chip community for newcomers.

Our team is stacked, our vision is clear, and we have the resources to deliver. We are determined to make our community proud to be Doodles.” states the official Doodles Twitter handle.

Following the current year's web3 gamified tendencies, Doodles is doing its best to become the largest entertainment and lifestyle experience provider, while all its members and their collectibles will be intertwined.