Snoop Dogg and Sam Jones to Release Shiller – a Revolutionary Web3 Broadcast Platform

The avid web3 supporter Snoop Dogg is once again making waves in the space with his brand-new blockchain-driven music initiative. The artist has partnered with one of the world's best basketball players, Sam Jones, to create a market-changing live broadcast platform dubbed Shiller. The app was crafted with web3 creators in mind, providing a seamless and trusted way for monetization of audio and video streaming. Additionally, Shiller comes as a perfect solution for artists who want to interact with their fans and sell their IP to the target audience.

It took Snoop and Jones three years to drive the app to perfection. According to its creators, Shiller provides NFT projects, artists, brands, and influencers with a unique opportunity to monetize their following and content, and reach out to their fans. Alongside, the platform comes as an educational and entertaining hub for all sorts of web3 enthusiasts. 

Another Shiller's benefit is that it brings like-minded people into one place, opening up multiple opportunities for co-creation and partnerships through real-time video and audio broadcasts. Utilizing the security and transparency of NFT ownership, Shiller is the perfect platform for trading assets without turning to third parties.

Another supreme feature available through the platform is the possibility of in-app creation of digital assets and NFT passes. The easy-to-use tools built into the platform allow making NFT assets in a few clicks. Moreover, further, users can sell their tokens right here, on the platform in live audio and video airs. This makes Shiller a perfect all-in-one marketplace for trading NFTs, collaborations, and entertainment.

Additionally, having all the features of a social network, like live chats with emojis, split screens, mini-games, and beyond, Shiller comes as a revolutionary application, bringing content creation to a new level.

The team of Shiller developers headed by Snoop Dogg and Sam Jones has already formed the list of creators whose assets will drop with the platform's launch. However, everyone willing still can still apply to Shiller right away. The app is set to release in April. Mark your calendars so as not to miss the launch!