Chris Chris 21.03.2022

Each Owner will Receive a Copy of the 1st Book of the Fantasy Story Saga — Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

UI: First, thank you for the opportunity to shed some light on myself and my 1st NFT Collection, the Crypto Poems Records.
I'm UI(User Interface) is Murhiathic Mama Ash, and all of my creations will be signed under this pseudonym. The monicker has deep connections to the fantasy story I began to work on a while ago, and I aim to publish it exclusively using the blockchain. Some may say that I don't disclose my identity for tax evasion. When people open the poems, they will see my signature and, more importantly, for the relevant tax bodies, one of my fingerprints which would make it irrelevant to any attempt to hide my identity from them. When I launch the Crypto Poems Records Manuscripts NFT Collection, 100 people who will own the real-life Manuscripts will have the opportunity to find out who I am and have a live conversation regarding the project and myself.

My position in creating the Crypto Poems Records, at the moment, is Jack of all trades, me, myself and I, with the emotional support of my partner. I'm the researcher, creator, developer, marketer, and relevant positions. The Conduits of Ash is the name of my project, which aims to develop a solid and united community that shares the same core values revolving around: all kinds of art forms creation, credit and IP protections for the creators, NFTs value retaining for the holders and most importantly striving to get involved in the social and environmental development of our society.

My present working job position has nothing to do with the blockchain industry or art forms. I am part of an international management structure focused on damage control and finding solutions to specific problems our work field encounters. Henceforth, tackling the plagiarism problem has had priority before I would release my first chapter from the fantasy saga story.

Chris: Crypto Poems Record is an NFT collection that aims to preserve the individuals' artwork exclusivity. What is the concept behind the development of Crypto Poems Record NFT?

UI: The Crypto Poems Records NFT Collection, is the 1st concept which is to have the artwork visually secured, encrypted and delivered using another file as a carrier. I could share a digital visual art, audio or even a text file that could carry Shakespeare's Hamlet with my voice-over text interpretation. You will need the instructions and encryption keys to access my artwork. Anyone could copy the carrier file, but the idea is that only those who know how to get to the artwork embedded in the carrier file and have the encryption keys can have access and enjoy it.

Chris: Moreover, how is the artwork preserved? What is meant by meaningless artwork?

UI: The Crypto Poems Records NFT collection comes in the form of nicely designed GIFs inspired by some of the most relevant crypto projects. At first glance, the collection can seem that they're just a GIF collection when in fact, every GIF is a carrier file that has embedded in them the rest of the artworks meant to be seen and enjoyed only by the NFT owners. You can save the carrier file anywhere you want and access my embedded artwork following the instructions and using the encryption keys. 

Chris: So, what is the token release date? How many NFTs will be released at the public minting?

UI: The Crypto Poems Records NFT Collection tokens are being "lazy minted" on Opensea using Polygon, which started on 20.03.22. They will be on sale from 24.03.22, The Right to the Truth International Day.

There will be 100 unique tokens, each token limited to 100 mints.

Chris: There is a visual, audio, and literature element attached to each token. What are the different traits combined to make each NFT unique?

UI: Not many traits will repeat as the Crypto Poems Records have been "handmade", designed and created to reflect each inspiration source of each token. For example, a few of the poem's traits will be about their grammar and understanding level required, and audio will have the time length and visual the first three predominant nuances.

Chris: Similarly, what else can one do with their NFT? How can the investors use the literature, audio, and visual aspects of the token?

UI: Besides enjoying all three art forms in their own private and any social environment, the investors, collectors and art enthusiasts will be able to have access to The Conduits of Ash discord server private NFT channels. There they will be able to propose new creation ideas delivery solutions and get involved in organically growing the Conduits of Ash community.

Each Crypto Poems Records NFT owner will receive a copy of the 1st book of the fantasy story saga I will publish only on the blockchain in a limited edition.

Chris: There is a lot of hard work that has gone into the creation of Crypto Poems Record NFT. Please introduce us to the team that has helped you make this a successful token.

UI: As I said, at the moment, this is my project which aims to shoot for the stars. I want to note that my partner's support and understanding have been invaluable. Most of my free time has been spent researching each token inspiration source, writing, designing, redesigning, testing, etc.

Chris: In the end, what do you plan to do with Crypto poems Record in the next six months?

UI: Hopefully, in the next six months, the NFT community members will see in the Crypto Poems Records NFTs and realise the potential the Conduits of Ash project has to form its lively and passionate community around it.

I will release the Crypto Poems Records Manuscripts NFT Collection in the next six months. The real-life Manuscripts will be elevated to a contemporary art museum-grade state and be offered to be bought to the collectors who will own the entire limited edition of a specific Crypto Poems Records NFT.

The Conduits of Ash will also release my already finished, but postponed, mental health awareness NFT Collection. Collaboration with relevant mental research institutes to help the studies and research.

Thank you for the interview, Chris and for the opportunity to share my passion and vision I have with the Crypto Poems Records and The Conduits of Ash Project.  Also, don't forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.