Crypto Poems Records

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March 20, 2022 – March 27, 2022





The Conduits of Ash

Crypto Poems Records - 1st NFT Collection Opensea Sale

Seeing that someone else stole your artwork can be a crushing experience. That feeling is compounded when it's so easy to do. A couple of swipes of their mouse takes fractions of your hard work.

 The Conduits of Ash project aims to bring innovation to the creator's delivery pathways towards their fans and collectors. Using Steganography to conceal information in an image or format that appears to be meaningless. It protects the content's IP and makes sure fans retain their exclusivity. This process also guarantees that collectors will obtain a rare collectable.

The first phase of The Conduits of Ash project through Crypto Poems Records NFT Collection seeks to build a community in an ecosystem dedicated to digital content creators, supporters and consumers.

Crypto Poems Records is the first NFT Collection from The Conduits of Ash personal creative project of UI is Murhiathic Mama Ash. 

Each cryptocurrency token inspired UI is Murhiathic Mama Ash in unique ways, creating a peerless experience of digital art, audio experience and literature fused in a singular visual experience. A total of one hundred poems has been created, and each poem will be a limited edition of 100.

Embodying the spirit of NFT conceptualization, UI is Murhiathic Mama Ash gives a new perspective to NFT digital art forms by presenting an elegant and endearing delivering concept. Making it possible for anyone to own, collect, and trade their favourite NFT without fearing that its rarity will be easily stolen.

Each Crypto Poems Records NFT is based on its real-life Manuscript, which will be offered to be bought at a set time to the collector who owns the entire Crypto Poems Records NFT of a specific series.

The Crypto Poems Records NFT Collection will be made available to be collected from when launched on 20.03.2022.

Each Crypto Poems Records NFT composition: 

1. Visual element: 1500 x 1500 pixels.

2. Audio element: Audio track in .wav and .mp3 format.

Poem audible voice of text in .mp3 format.

3. Literature element: Original poem copy of the real-life Manuscript.

Organic Metadata file source.

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