Chris Chris 21.03.2022

3D Models will be Distributed Free of Charge to Owners of NFTs — Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Stefano: Hi, I'm Stefano/ BlockoiNFT , Cofounder of Wired Frame and Solana Developer. I am a Data & Analytics manager for one of the big 4 consulting companies. I work daily on intelligent automation and artificial intelligence projects, I have more than 7 years of experience and in the last 3 years I have specialized in Data Strategy and real world applications of digital twins. In my spare time I am a crypto holder and web3 developer.

Chris: Wired Frame is bringing in an NFT that extracts skeleton images of the animals as per human perceptions. What is the concept behind these wired frames?

Stefano: We analyzed the nft market and realized that most of the collections that have been released, are being released or will be released are represented by degen art. We realized that many collections from a graphic design perspective were starting to be repetitive and unoriginal. So we wanted to study a unique digital art design that would meet the concept behind the initiative: to create a new encyclopedia experience based on unique, individually hand-made, high-resolution images to offer the best artistic experience to our community. If we were asked to describe Noah First Era the most appropriate words would be: quality, uniqueness, novelty. This is the Design of a New Futuristic Repository of the Animal Kingdom, exploiting the concept of the Digital Twin and, in the future, the user experience provided by AI and Virtual/Augmented Reality.

Chris: In similar lines, why have you named your first collection as the ‘Noah’s First Era’? What will be the functionality of the NFT? In other words, how can investors use their NFTs? 

Stefano: From the book of Genesis: << The Lord then said to Noah, “Go into the ark, you and your whole family, because I have found you righteous in this generation. Take with you seven pairs of every kind of clean animal, a male and its mate, and one pair of every kind of unclean animal, a male and its mate, and also seven pairs of every kind of bird, male and female, to keep their various kinds alive throughout the earth.>>. How could we not be inspired by the Sacred Text to choose the name of our first collection? Like Noah, the Wired Frame Team also wants to try to concretely help animals. How? Certainly through charity initiatives, a fundamental part of our roadmap. 

Moreover our main goal is to create a community that has real decision-making power in the development of future projects and the team. Have our NFTs can on the one hand be collected as real digital art to be exhibited in the metaverse or in the real world, on the other hand our NFTs will allow owners to enter by right into the Wired Frame organization and actively participate in the expansion of the project. 

Chris: Also, you state that this is an incubator NFT project. How can the investors participate in the decision-making process? How do investors help in expanding the Wired Frame Community?

Stefano: We were hoping for this question!

We think it's necessary to change the perspective on the NFT market, which will be fundamental in the next years as also confirmed by Gartner.

In the market there are many initiatives and high value competences but due to the confusion and the increasing presence of scammers they risk not to find the right visibility. We want to create a trusted channel where to collect these ideas and thanks to the capabilities and network of Wired Frame they can come to life and give back an economic value to the community itself.

The basic idea is to create a long-term project by optimizing the skills of the team and the community around NFT and blockchain: in a nutshell, a "community digital startup".

It will be a gradual path of inclusion of the Wired Frame Community within the organization. In its early stages the Framers will be able to receive the division of profits, like real shareholders, and will participate in the decision making process thanks to our portal and our Discord.

For example it will be possible to choose a new developer or the new social media manager but above all they will be able to decide which projects and which collections will be put in the roadmap.

The Wired Framers will be able to propose their projects and collections and will be able, according to their background and experience, to become part of the core team as Developer, Artist & Designer, Promoter, Social Media and Content Manager and Community moderator.

All the investors will then have the opportunity to decide who to bring into the community by selecting contacts from their network that can be of value to the community in order to increase their skills and develop more innovative and enterprise-oriented projects.

Chris: So, how many tokens will be released in the Metaverse this March?

Stefano: Our Q1 roadmap is as follows: 1) Idea & Project Setup 2) NFT Concept & Design 3) Minting Site Development. 

We will release in Q2, in April, Noah First Era Collection which counts 1123 NFTs.

Chris: Additionally, what will be the cost of each NFT? Do you also limit the number of NFTs that one can buy in a single transaction?

Stefano: The cost of each NFT will be 1.23 sol and you can buy 1 NFT per transaction. We have decided not to put limits on the purchase of NFTs by the individual user, but we have included captcha in the minting process so as to make the purchase process fair. We will leave it up to the buyer to choose how many nft to buy and then directly to what extent to personally support the project. But don't be confused: the decision-making power will remain equal for all NFTs owners in the Noah First Era collection.

Chris: For the interest of our readers, please share the minting process for Wired Frame Noah First Era NFT.  

Stefano: It's super simple, just have a Solana wallet, such as Phantom, Solflare, Slope or Sollet, with at least 1.23 Sol (excluding transaction fees).

Go to , connect your wallet and mint! Remember we have a captcha!

Even from mobile.

Chris: Before we close, please share your plans for the future of Wired Frame Noah First Era NFT.

Stefano: Our future plan for the collection is to create, in a first phase, a collection based on 3D models and then develop an immersive gallery that will allow, through the use of AR / VR based technologies, to display and sell their NFT animals.

These are the main ingredients for the creation of a new concept of encyclopedia and a new way to share and learn new knowledge.

Obviously the 3D models will be distributed free of charge to owners of NFTs in the Noah First Era NFT Collection.

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