Chris Chris 20.03.2022

Holders will have Access to Fantasy Sports Gaming to Win Free Crypto — Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Brian: I’m Brian “Crypto Chef B” and my educational background is in Economics & Marketing. I currently own 4 restaurants, a catering company, and I’m a partner in GOAT Traders, which is the group behind GOATLife NFTs. I’ve been involved in crypto for a few years now and help people with learning technical analysis trading and researching new crypto projects.

Chris: The GOATLife NFTs want to change how people see the value of NFTs. How do you plan to add "real value" to the NFT space?

Brian: Each of our NFTs will be given a Guaranteed Buyback/Redemption value 90 days after we sell out. That liquidity will come from us dedicating 50% of the sales revenues back to the NFT owners. One NFT will have a guaranteed buyback value of 10 ETH, with the lowest valued redemption being a GOAT Life sticker. All NFTs will have the potential to grow in value based on staking and company revenues generated through royalties and other services we have planned.

Chris: What are the benefits of GOATLife NFT to the owner apart from it being a digital asset?

Brian: A part from the guaranteed buyback/redemption value…owners will gain access to exclusive channels and groups for winning crypto through Daily Fantasy Sports Games, Entertainment Trivia, and Trading Contests. In addition to the opportunity to win free crypto, owners will have access to future whitelists, 1/1 auctions, and airdrops from GOAT Life. This NFT ownership will also give lifetime access to the GOAT Traders signals, charts, and low cap gem research and calls for crypto, stocks, and forex (we previously sold this membership for $99/mo or $999/yr). We also look forward to owners voting on the direction of future collections, metaverse opportunities, and potential partnerships.

Chris: Also, please tell us more about your partner in the charitable initiative, The Surfing Goats. How many funds do you plan to donate to the organization?

Brian: We will donate $100,000 to the Surfing Goats non-profit organization. I got to know Dana from donating food from our restaurants to some of the surf and soccer camps he puts on for local youth, as well as special-needs kids and adults. He also goes on missions to Mexico and other countries to help the poor and homeless. When the money is donated, we will post on the website for full transparency. Check out his website 

Chris: So, when do the GOATLife NFTs launch? What will be the minting cost of each NFT?

Brian: GOAT Life NFTs went live with minting on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day. We hope it will start the luck all around 


Chris: Interestingly, 50% of the revenues go back to the community. How do you plan to share these proceeds with your investors?

Brian: The 50% back will be in the form of guaranteed buybacks and redemption values for our NFTs, 90 days after sell out. We will use the remaining 50% of revenues to help build the business, develop the next phase of GOAT Life NFTs, buy land in the voted upon metaverse, payback ourselves for the initial investment, and invest in a few opportunities we are currently working on.

Chris: Moreover, what are these GOAT tiers? How does one sign up to a specific Tier to gain its benefits?

Brian: The tiers are based on the GOATs you mint. We have some GOATs that will have a Robot Suit. These owners will have access to our arbitrage bot & Forex bots with proven profitable track records over a significant time period. Other NFTs with certain characteristics will have access to fantasy sports gaming to win free crypto simply for owning the NFT. Some will have a redemption value of a rare sports collectible or memorabilia based on rarities.

Chris: Again, you speak of transparency and real value to NFT holders. How do you ensure transparency with GOATLife NFTs?

Brian: We will be posting all donations on our site as well as making announcements on our socials. Myself and the other partners are happy to be doxed and plan to be very known amongst our community. I pop into the discord and we are all very accessible for communication. We plan to hold regular online meeting to answer questions, have contests, and chat about living the GOAT Life 

Chris: Before we close our conversation here, we would like to know your roadmap for GOATLife NFTs for the next 6 months.

Brian: The next 6 months will be very busy for GOAT Life. I’m heading to Las Vegas with VIP access for the Mint Collective show put on by EBay to put in place some partnerships with collectible and memorabilia companies for sourcing some of our IRL items. Following that show, I’m head to LA NFT to learn more and connect with top people in the industry. While the sale of our first collection goes on, we are starting to develop a token to be used for staking, rewards, contest entry, and merchandise purchasing on our website. Although, I feel that will take up much of the six months asked about…we are also starting to look for artists and teams to help develop the next phase of GOAT Life. We’re looking for the character to become more 3d and metaverse ready and to use this first collection as the ticket into the GOAT Life. Also, don't forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.