Chris Chris 21.03.2022

Holders will Receive a Free sloth NFT mint, and many other Benefits now and Always — Creator's Interview

Greetings, NFT devotees! My guest today is Kasey Randall (Nickname: Toasty Cheesitz) — Co-Founder of Metadopt NFT.

Professional background: UX & Product Designer (read bio here)

Chris: The Metadopt NFTs are digital artworks of animal characters. What makes this NFT unique and different from the plethora of animal NFTs available on the Metaverse?

Kasey: Metadopt is doing two collections. 

The first is our Jungle Pass collection of 555 Jungle Pass NFTs. Jungle Pass holders are the first to join our journey to unlock the freedom of expression in Web3. Jungle Pass holders are the OGs of Metadopt and will receive various benefits, including a free sloth NFT mint, and many other great benefits now and always. Our Jungle Pass is a stunning video design of jungle and animals, which rotates to showcase all sides of the pass. We believe it’s one of the most beautiful access passes we have seen in the NFT space.

In early April we are launching our Sloth Collection of 5678 NFTs on our innovative and unique Avatar Builder. As we know with NFT mints is that you do not know what you are getting upon minting, it’s lottery style. Sometimes you get traits and art that just doesn’t align with your own likes or desires. The Avatar Builder is unique in the way it allows anyone to be able to customize the Sloth NFT just the way they like. They can try on different traits until they find just what they want, check the rarities on those traits, add badges and pins, and mint and share with the world. 

Our unique collection of Sloth NFTs are based on real-life and endangered sloths in Costa Rica. We have partnered with The Sloth Conservation Foundation ( SloCo ) who have been dedicated to saving sloths in the wild through research and conservation initiatives for over 15 years. 20% of proceeds from each sale go to SloCo, and allow the sloths to be protected in their natural environment.

Chris: The artwork is to die for! Who is behind the design? Please introduce your team and their individual contributions towards the creation of Metadopt.

Kasey: The original Metadopt founders are Luke Peake, Kasey Randall, and Jeremiah Shaw.

The collective team at Metadopt has over 50+ years combined experience building advanced digital solutions for companies around the globe 

Luke Peake is a Digital Designer with over 20 years designing digital solutions. He has worked for leading agencies, and worked on projects for clients such as Virgin Airlines, Olay, Commonwealth Games, Max Factor and more. A 4x business founder, and founder of TIB Digital, a digital agency managing over 30 design and developer resources.

Kasey Randall is a Product Designer, event organizer, and community builder. With over a decade of experience creating digital experiences at companies like SiriusXM, GEICO and is now Head of UX Design at a promising fintech company. Kasey has been focused on fostering meaningful, professional relationships in the tech, design, and creative fields.

Jeremiah Shaw is Metadopts amazingly talented artist. As an artist & designer based in San Francisco, Jeremiah is focused on 3D illustration, animation and product design. He's had the opportunity to lead design teams on a wide range of products at Apple, Google, Dropbox and a hand-full of startups.

Andrew Madison is our amazing Community Manager. Andrew is a Marketer and Community Manager with over 7 years of experience in various sales, marketing and education roles. He has worked for esports/gaming startups, crypto projects and NFT collections over the last several years. He's turned all his attention to building communities on Solana for the past year.

Chris: Similarly, what does the NFT hope to achieve through its charitable collaborations and donations?

Kasey: With our Sloth NFT collection we’ll be donating proceeds to The Sloth Conservation Foundation  to help them with their innovative research efforts and keeping sloths safe in Costa Rica, but that is not the end. We plan to do more collections based on other endangered animals globally. We will poll our community on which conservation or rescue effort to support next; it could be elephants, polar bears or even tasmania devils - the decision will be up to our amazing community. 

Chris: Again, how would you describe the features and traits of the tokens? What are some of the rarest traits that one should look out for?

Kasey: A hidden surprise in our Avatar Builder is that we will have approximately twenty 1/1’s. Some of these are super special and unique such as a Viking, Astronaut, Wizard and even Master Chief from Halo. Upon entering the Avatar Builder, lucky minters will randomly be selected as a winner of these 1/1’s, with the option to accept it, or continue minting their own unique Sloth NFT.

Outside of the 1/1 we have many other rare, mythic and legendary traits that people can select from. Super cool looking VR goggles, royal crowns, sports gear and much more. 

One very unique thing about our collection is the additional way to personalize your NFT through badges and pins. These badges and pins add that final unique self expression. Badges include Solana, Bitcoin, GM, GN, and even vegan badges - to align with your own likes and beliefs. There's tons of options!

Chris: So, when are you releasing the Metadopt NFTs? Do you have a presale?

Kasey: The Jungle Pass collection of 555 limited edition NFTs will be dropping on March 24th. 

The Sloth collection of 5678 sloth NFTs will be dropping on our Avatar Builder in early to mid April.

Chris: Also, what would be the cost of one Jungle Pass Mint NFT and the cost of one Metadopt Sloth NFT? 

Kasey: The Jungle Pass NFT will be ~2.5 SOL.

The Sloth collection NFT will be ~1 SOL.

Chris: Do you also set limits per transaction or user for the number of tokens to be minted?

Kasey: We are only allowing one Jungle Pass per wallet.

For the Sloth collection we are going to allow as many as you can create, keeping in mind you are customizing your own NFT on the Avatar Builder, so upon completion you will go through the process again. Getting more NFTs would be determined by how many are left in the mint count.

Chris: Before we finish, we would like you to share your roadmap for the next 6 months for Metadopt?

Kasey: This will be the game changer! In Q3 of this year Metadopt will release the Avatar Builder as a launchpad for other NFT projects to launch their own collections. With access to their own dashboard, projects will be able to upload characters, accessories, traits and more; and utilize tools to fully curate their own unique NFT launch.

Beyond that we’ll continue to develop. Our mid-term plans for the builder consist of a launchpad (as described above), cross chain compatibility (Solana, Ethereum and more) and the ability to edit your NFTs.

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