Bored Ape Yacht Club Provided $1 Million in ETH to Aid Ukraine

While the criminal Russian aggressor, violating all the laws of war and human rights, is bombing Ukrainian maternity homes, churches, children's hospitals, and residential areas, the crypto community keeps providing aid to Ukrainians. Yesterday, the blue-chip Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT community joined the charitable initiative having provided a hefty donation of 388.999 ETH (a little over $1 million) to Ukraine's official crypto wallet. What's more honorable, this contribution is almost equal to the sum, invested by the BAYC members into the project. This gesture is perfect evidence of how socially relevant NFTs can be.

The BAYC tweeted that "they were inspired to do this after seeing the community come together for the war-stricken country."

The NFT community is praising the BAYC team for not standing aside from the terroristic actions of the Kremlin against the Ukrainian people and humanity. Someone even claimed that this is the case when “apes became goats.” And that is against the background of the global bearish NFT trend with a 40% decline in February!

Despite the recession, according to OpenSea, BAYC ( with 417,000 ETH or  $1.1 billion in tradeable volume) preserves its honorable position as the second-largest NFT collection after CryptoPunks.

But not only the largest market players as BAYC join the fundraising initiatives to help Ukraine. Recent reports state that from the start of the war with Russia about $88 million in crypto was donated to aid the Ukrainian army and charitable NGOs. The other day, an anonymous NFT collector dropped a rare CryptoPunk NFT, and Binance withdrew a hefty sum to provide aid to Ukraine. The Ukrainian-based game developer Holy Water brought together over 200 most prominent Ukrainian artists for a fundraising NFT collection. And yesterday, the Ukrainian pride, two-time box champion Wladimir Klitschko and digital artist WhIsBeo launched their collaborative NFTs with all bunds to go to Ukrainian Red Cross and UNICEF.

Doing good is easy and vital. Let's stop the Russian aggression together!