Chris Chris 08.03.2022

Our Holders will Receive minting at 25% Discounted price and 2x entries into the Tesla Giveaway — Founder's Interview

Greetings, NFT enthusiasts! My guest today is Jake Davidson, a Co-founder TrashPiles , Engineer and Crypto/NFT investor by trade.

Chris: TrashPiles NFT is releasing this March, what is the main idea behind the development of this NFT?

Jake: TrashPiles began as a fun project between myself and my co-founder, Christian. We've been lifelong friends that love being outdoors. We wanted to start a project that could be both fun and beneficial for the environment at the same time.

Chris: How does the NFT link up with ocean trash pile cleaning? In other words, have you collaborated with any organization to help with the task?

Jake: We are donating an initial lump sum of $100,000 to TeamSeas, an organization run by Mr. Beast. Built into our Solana program is a 5% royalty fee on all secondary market transactions that will go to charity for the entirety of the TrashPiles project. We are in talks right now with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup on an official partnership for future donations.

Chris: That is a well-thought-out plan. So, how many such NFTs do you plan to release at the public sale?

Jake: The project itself consists of 8,888 total TrashPiles with 3,500 up for sale between the private sale and presale.The remainder will be available to the public.

Chris: Likewise, what will be the price of these NFTs at the public sale? How much will be gas?

Jake: The public sale minting price will be 2 SOL. We are launching on Solana so gas fees will be next to nothing!

Chris: The private minting of the NFT is currently open. How does one participate in it?

Jake: To participate in our private sale (benefits include minting at 25% discounted price, 2x entries into our Tesla giveaway, among others) one can fill out our OG Junkie Questionnaire google form (found on our twitter and discord) or simply by reaching out to a founder via twitter or discord and expressing why you'd like to participate in our private sale as a supporter of our project!


Chris: In fact, we would like you to share the different traits of the NFT. Which traits are rare?

Jake: Our NFT collection is unique in that various trait layers are defined by 3 items, 1 can, and 1 background. Amongst the backgrounds, the psychedelic and moon backgrounds are the most rare; in the cans, the toxic waste, biohazard, and radioactive cans have very limited numbers with the psychedelic and space cans being rare as well; in the 3 items layers, we have many rare items from the energy sword and needler from Halo, Shiba Inu and Doge, to Oscar the big man in the can! Not to mention that minting a TrashPile that contains a cryptocurrency coin in it is rewarded with its own perks as well!

Chris: The Trashpile NFT has a dedicated core team that has worked hard for the creation of this unique NFT. Would you please introduce your team to our readers?

Jake: Our team consists of 3 core members: myself, Jake, cofounder and lead project head; Christian, cofounder and lead marketing strategist; Junk King, lead developer.

Chris: At the very end of our interview, we would want you to elaborate on the roadmap for the Trashpiles NFT.

Jake: The TrashPiles roadmap consists of many milestones that we hope to achieve with the community. During the next month, we are aiming to hold our private sale (March 13th), hold our whitelist presale (March) and public sale (March); we will be donating a total initial amount of $100,000 by the time the 8,888 TrashPiles have been minted; we will give a brand new Tesla to a lucky TrashPile minter; once minting has completed, this is where our unique utility will come into play. Our Trash to Treasure Recycle Events will bring great value to holders of TrashPiles as they will be able to transform their TrashPiles into unique, high quality artwork that contains custom artwork from artists around the world. Each month, TrashPiles will focus attention to a specific region around the world that will be the donation destination for the month. A local artist from each location will create a unique piece of artwork that will be incorporated into what will now be called TreasurePiles. The Trash to Treasure Recycle Events will lower the original supply of TrashPiles while generating limited, unique TreasurePiles as local art collections.