NFT Collection by over 200 Ukrainian Artists and Children To Save Ukraine

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March 03, 2022 – March 10, 2022



The whole world is now emphasizing Ukraine, making donations in crypto, USD, and NFTs to help the country evict Russian troops from the sovereign country's territory. Everyone is engaged: while brave warriors protect their land with arms, Ukrainian artists and entrepreneurs are waging an information war and helping to crowdfund.

Thus, a Ukrainian-originated IT startup Holy Water, with motivated Ukrainians on board, leaves no room for a compromise concerning the criminal actions of the Russian Federation against the civilians. Like many Ukrainian businesses, Holy Water donated a hefty sum to help the Ukrainian army on the first day of the full-scale war. And today, they have brought together over 200 creative sons and daughters of Ukraine to create an artsy NFT collection with all proceeds to be donated to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The patriotic collection is dropping today, March 3rd, after the week since the first Russian soldiers invaded the sovereign country of Ukraine, ruthlessly bombing the homes of civilians, killing everyone, be it a woman, a child, or an elderly, who still remembers the horror of the World War 2. Thus, to help the army expel the usurper's troops from the territory of Ukraine as soon as possible, both world-renowned Ukrainian artists and children have created a collection of non-fungible art pieces.

Holy Water aims to raise at least 1 million USD from the NFT sales, which will be further transferred to the crypto wallet of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The non-fungible artworks will be published on the project's website and will be available for 0.08 ETH + gas. After the collection is sold out, the NFTs will be placed on Opensea for secondary sales. 

The extensive list of non-indifferent artists who have joint efforts for the fundraising initiative comprises but is not limited to: muralist Interesni Kazki, avantgarde creator Valentyn Metyk, The Best Art Blogger in Europe nominee Lilit Sarkisian, one of the top 1,000 contemporary artists in Ukraine Masha Shubina, an influential figure in artsy circles with tens of star collabs under his belt Daniel Skripnik, a prolific artist from Kyiv with 50+ personal exhibitions Petro Bevza, the winner of the young Ukrainian artists MUHI contest Samborsky Yevhen, and tens of others.

"Since we have a lot of crypto and NFT enthusiasts in our team, we decided to organize an NFT collection in collaboration with Ukrainian artists. We gathered almost half a thousand people willing to join the initiative in a few days. Now we do hope to just as quickly raise funds to help the army and help save Ukraine," Bohdan Nesvit, CEO of the Holy Water start-up explains.

The NFT project organized by Holy Water has been already publicly supported by a co-founder of FintechFarm and the most popular online bank in Ukraine Monobank founder Dmytro Dubilet, as well as many art Ukrainian institutions, including  Port Agency, IZOLYATSIA, Ugallery, Shcherbenko Art Center, Spline. Art, Museums of Ukraine. 

The full-cycle game development start-up Holy Water is engaged in the informational war to combat Russian aggression. 

You can help Ukraine go through these hard times of war by acquiring a symbolic NFT today, March 3rd at 8 pm Kyiv time. The donation goes without any third party, and 100% of it proceeds directly to the verified Ukrainian Government crypto wallet. 

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