Chris Chris 09.03.2022

By Owning 2 fish and the Aquarium, Fish will give “Birth “ to a New additional NFT — Creator's Interview

We are joined by Becca, founder of Wandering Mandarin

Professional background: Marketing

Chris: Wandering Mandarin NFTs represent attractive and colorful fishes. Please tell us how was this NFT born in the minds of the team? How did you guys get together for the Wandering Mandarin NFT?

Becca: The WM NFT is based in a framework that would allow us to be the most creative with each NFT, leverage both traditional and pop culture features to make them relatable.  Since we work on other projects together in different spaces this was a great project that allowed the team to be fully creative and expand their thinking around crypto

Chris: In fact, we would also like to know the team members who have worked together and contributed towards the creation of Wandering Mandarin NFT? 

Becca: Each team member worked to support the base design of the fish, the traits, the overall model for the entire NFT project as well as doing the creation of the components needed for a successful launch.

Chris: Besides, what are the different traits of the Wandering Mandarin NFT? How is each token unique?

Becca: we have designed the WM to have traits that include, hair, glasses, jewelry, items in hand, shirts, jackets, coats, capes, backpacks, and shorts/skirts.  Since fish can be both male and female with little distinction on the coloring and look so it was easy to create traits that spanned gender as well.

Chris: What would be the expected price for each NFT? How much will be gas?

Becca: a majority of the tokens will release on open sea, we will use WETH to reduce gas as much as possible, we hope to start with a base of $200 per NFT.

Chris: More importantly, what do the investors receive when they buy the Wandering Mandarin NFT? What else can they do with their tokens? 

Becca: This project is interesting because it will allow the user to control the expansion of their own collection. Phase 1 of this project is the release of the mandarin.  We also designed and have an aquarium set for release.  By owning 2 fish and the aquarium, on a countdown timer the fish will give “birth “ to a new additional NFT which will randomly have the traits of the parents.  These will come at no cost (other than minting) to the new owner.  Those can then be sold or held for future aquarium and fish birth combinations

Chris: Do you also have a minting limit per user? How many tokens can an investor buy in a single transaction?

Becca: it will be one NFT per transaction but there is no limit to the number of fish you can own, and you will need at least 2 to mint a “baby”

Chris: Above all, please share your charitable initiative for the future of Wandering Mandarin NFT? How do you plan to move ahead after public minting is closed for the token?

Becca: in support of charity WM will be donating a portion of proceeds from initial minting/sale to St. Judes children hospital.  We will also donate a percentage of every resale as well.  We are starting with St Jude and will explore other options as well as potentially allow owners to vote on charities for different months' proceeds. The hope is to allow each mandarin to have a positive impact on the world, on behalf of their owner. You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates.