Zombie Bear Of Chris

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February 28, 2022 – March 07, 2022





We are launching our zombie bears collection!!
It's live for minting! Do grab your Zombie bears before its too late!!

Bearofchris is a collection of uniquely hand-drawn digital collectibles that explore the new possibilities of combining various cultures, heritages, and everyday life found in Singapore! With the hope of bringing the elements of Singapore's flavor to the global stage through art!

Zombie Bears are roaming around the streets... run before it's too late...

First Wave: 89/89 ( SOLD OUT IN A DAY)
Second Wave: 188/188 (MINTING LIVE NOW)

Supply: 188 Unique Zombie Bears
Mint Price: 0.1 eth
Platform: @Opensea ( https://opensea.io/collection/zombieboc )

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