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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022





**Gamers Transmutation :**

88 years of struggle community
88 years of an Zero hands rise.
88 years and not even one big gamers community in the world.

Initially, we had started to create **Gamers Human Club** to improve our cognitive abilities to build better community .

But humans was our problem from the begging , So because of being human we had to transmutation to ape ,and no longer being human , so we can finally complete our mission ,we had to become gamers ape club.

**Ape Transmutation**

thanks to the **Genetic Ape Transmutation** from **Human Gamers** , we were able to solve all the problems of this world: **grow gamers community , events & tournaments live on  metaverse space & real life .**

Indeed, our potential had increased tenfold. But we were no longer in control of our bodies reactions .

Our reaction’s Starts To takes control overs us had repeatedly driven mind to prevent us from reaching our dumbest weirdest reactions ,
get ready for some funny dope & weird reactions.


 **8,888 Unique NFTs** 
 **Gamers Community** ‏
‎‏ **On Going First Metaverse Gaming Team** 
 **Metaverse Land Space For Future Event & Tournament** 

A brand for metaverse & gamers.
Built by the Gamers community

**8,888 Gamers Ape Club** that give you membership access to THE GAMER ROOM ,  Live Metaverse & Real Life Tournaments & Events .

To access members-only areas such as **The Gamers Room**, GAC holders will need to be signed into their Metamask Wallet.

Gac holders also receive access to exclusive drops, experiences, and more.
Visit for more details.

**We Grow Together. We Rise Together. We Game Together!!.**

Presale on polygon all apes will be live on Eth blockchain 


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