MetaScyra Genesis Collection

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February 28, 2022 – March 07, 2022



MetaScyra is an ecosystem that is always evolving and developing. It never stays static and brings in more projects in the form of long-term partnerships to improve startegic elements of gameplay and expand on collections to increase accessibility to the project to new holders. A successful game should always be adapting to the players' needs, and cannot be built with only 6666 players. By integrating partners into future collections, and incorporating that into the development, we are creating a model of sustainable growth in all key areas: art, game, utility, engagement and tokenomics.

The Metaversal Bridge - Partnerships

- Build key partnerships with established project that will last a lifetime

- MetaScyra and Partner will be linked together in aesthetics, game-play and even financials

- Partner collections will all be free eth + gas + $MYTH (and/or potentially partner token)

- This model allows for the sustainable long-term growth of the project, creating accessibility to newer players, and forges relations amongst all

Daily Adventure & PVP - Game-play

- Beta Game-play to come out after the release of the Genesis collection

- Initially start with core fundamentals with base stats - attack, defence, health

- As we develop, we will incorporate more D&D stats and elements into the gameplay, e.g. luck, stealth, intelligence etc.

- These are considered secondary stats and will be able to be re-rolled

- Do tournaments and leaderboards to win the victory pot of $MYTH

- PVP mode will need to wager $MYTH

- Daily Adventure is only open to all Origins (Mythic, Genesis and Origin) for daily accumulation of $MYTH

$MYTH Utility

Initially $MYTH will not go live and will only be recorded. Once stable tokenomics can be established, it will go live and airdropped to players.

- Mint second partner project collection (0 ETH + Gas + $MYTH)

- Re-roll your secondary stats (i.e. stats other than attack, defence and health)

- Re-roll dice rolls in PVP modes for a second chance (limited usage)

- Wager in PVP

- Buy limited legendary items (limited) that will permanently change the metadata of your MetaScyran

- Rename your MetaScyran

- For Genesis/Mythic, can change the wallet address on the MetaScyran

- Spend $MYTH in future interactive fiction game e.g. to bribe a guardsman

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