The Society of The Hourglass

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October 30, 2021 – November 06, 2021





The Society of the Hourglass

Think "National Treasure" meets this generation's "Where's Waldo". The Society of the Hourglass (SotH) connects adult nostalgia with a kid-friendly adventure story. It's an NFT the whole family can collect!

Using the power of time travel, The Society of the Hourglass has been behind many of the most important events in history. Everyone who knows about The Society wants in, but only a chosen few Initiates have the opportunity to compete in the 10 trials and join the society. Learn which historically famous characters are behind The Society and which ones are attempting to join!

SotH – A limited NFT collection of over 9,000 unique, generative characters that grant you membership to The Society. The collection will feature the Competitors (among the most rare) and fun Citizens that feature traits highlighting their travels through famous locations and moments in time.

In addition to their NFTs, collectors will receive a 1st edition copy of The Society of the Hourglass seek-and-find book. This book and the NFT collection will become the foundation for a new narrative universe.

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