Cosmos Conquest – The P2E NFT Game (Nebula Conqueror – Phase#1)

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October 02, 2021 – October 12, 2021





The Nebula Conqueror is a 10,000 NFT series of space Avatars that will be used as characters in our cosmos conquest browser P2E game.

Let's explain the basics of the game to be developed.

First of all, each Nebula Conqueror will be a character on the Cosmos Conquest map. Once your wallet will be connected to our website, you will be able to use your Nebula Conqueror to explore a space hex grid map with a fog of war and each participant will be able to do a few moves per day to explore the area.

These will be one-week to two-week game sequences.

There will be different types of things that you will be able to gather. From treasures to resources, you will be able to use them within a marketplace to buy Interactive NFTs only purchasable with those In-Game rewards (Buildings, Decorations, Accessories).

You will also be able to fight other players for loot so beware of player encounters!

The first 2500 buyers will be able to claim a Space Pod NFT once we reach the sale achievement. The Space Pods will be used within the game to buff your Nebula Conqueror. There will be many buffs such as Line of Sight, Attack, Defense, Speed, Extra Carry. Space Pods will also be purchasable by anyone on Opensea.

We also plan to develop the Galactic Islands where people will be able to buy lands/territories and level them up when adding their In-Game earned NFTs on them. High-level lands will generate Cosmos Conquest Coins (Our gaming token that we will develop as well in 2022).

Get ready for some actions, this is just the beginning!

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