Help Cipher Detective Decode This!

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September 30, 2021 – October 07, 2021





What if NFTs were not game items, but the game itself?

Cipher Detective is a collection of stunning, brain teaser puzzle-NFTs which present the audience with original ciphertexts in various forms, such as messages received in a bottle, ancient inscriptions, rock carvings, and the like.

Fractatum, the NFT artist and puzzle maker who is the brain behind the Cipher Detective, has minted the very first puzzle item of the collection: Message in the Bottle. To stop the villains' master plans, Agent X must decode this secret message received in a bottle: +PP ↓SSSS  @SPQR  ⧖Π. And at once!

Using the additional hints provided in the description, you can help Agent X by trying to solve the enigma by yourself. But how can you be sure about the result? Make an offer to Fractatum, the puzzle master, and he might accept! The decoded message (along with the solution) is revealed to the new owner only, who becomes entitled to unlock the answer, which was attached to the puzzle as unlockable content during item creation.

For those who like to take challenges in solving brain teaser puzzles and ciphers, Message in the Bottle, the very first and one-of-a-kind puzzle-NFT of Cipher Detective, is there to take your offers till October 7th!

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