The Moods Of Phantom

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October 01, 2021 – October 02, 2021





In the long and coldest winter of 1950, scientists from all around Earth tried to find the lives in the universe and sends many sound-based signals in different directions of the universe. Finally, in 2020 the signal is received by the Krypton (an intelligent habitat planet far-far in the galaxy) and the Krypton creatures send their scantiest with some Warriors group of Phantom. The group arrived on Earth and they tried to explore it, but unfortunately, they were spotted by the scientists on Earth and a few of the countries think they are the enemy of humans and tried to attack the troop of Phantom. But actually, the Phantoms are good in nature and human friendly. The phantoms were able to save all of their scientific collection and send them back to Krypton but they couldn’t board their spaceship and left on Earth. Now all of the Phantoms are waiting for the spaceship to come back and take them home until then the Phantom Warriors each having unique power and characteristics are in quest of Master to serve and during this journey, they’ve experienced various moods/emotions. 

We as artists were able to craft a few of their moods/emotions, please explore and own The Moods of Phantoms and fulfill their quest of master.. hurry and grab the opportunity; Phantoms are looking forward to it.. πŸ™‚

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