Rekt Racoons

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October 11, 2021 – October 14, 2021





Rekt Racoons 

The Creator – Brandon Olson has already built Several Multi-Million Dollar Businesses and has the experience to bring this project massive success. He’s Backing it with his name and reputation. Most NFT project creators hide behind a PFP & username. Not This One. Look for a Video from the Creator on our website.

$100k in Launch Giveaways including a 2022 Chevy Corvette (see website for details).

9986 NFT Set – Uniquely Generated with Rarity Traits. We Had 10k but some looked crappy so we Burnt em lol.

1% of Total Revenue from Open Sea secondary sales will be used to buy & burn floor pieces to insure a continually stable / increasing price.

We have partnered with a Dope Video Gaming Creation Studio!

Metaverse Video Game Launches Oct 1, Link to Game on our site! This is just a sample "mini-game" to show the skillset of the team.  

Future Plans already in Development:

- All New Game with Play 2 Earn Functionality in Game – (eta April 2022)

- Earn in Game Tokens, and convert to real-world crypto 

-Token has burn functionality built in to keep floor high 

- RektRacoons NFT holders profit sharing (50% of royalties from OpenSea secondary sales market will be distributed to Holders monthly)

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