Creepies: All Hallows' Eve

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September 30, 2021 – October 07, 2021





Creepies are a legion of dark, misunderstood beings from the Uncanny Valley. They take the shape of ancient art, cult film creatures, and that feeling of walking home alone on a dark winter’s night in a part of town that seems familiar...but you’re not sure if you took a wrong turn or not. With a first-of-its-kind use-case, Creepies aims to bridge the distance between the real world, and the metaverse.  

Creepies is creating the world’s first NFT-infused board game, which will accelerate NFT awareness and adoption. To celebrate Spooky Season, we’re hosting an exclusive Halloween costume contest for our NFT holders! You don’t want to miss this contest, HUGE ETH PRIZES AWAIT!!!

You can check out our Highway to Hell (roadmap) on our website or Discord server.
Join our Discord today for a chance to get on the whitelist and participate in NFT / ETH giveaways.
But most importantly, keep it Creepie.

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