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Emily Yang, popularly known as pplpleasr is a Taiwanese-born 3D artist and digital illustrator based in New York City. Emily started drawing when she was young and liked it a lot. Later, when she had to decide what specialization to choose at the university, all variants were circling around art and design. Thus, Emily entered the University of California, Los Angeles, where she obtained a degree in design media arts. During her college days, a young lady started developing a passion for 3D art and honing her skills in it. 

pplpleasr’s art career kicked off soon after her college education. After graduating, she worked as a visual effects artist at several studios, with her work featured in popular movies, including Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman, and Star Trek Beyond. pplpleasr has also made several commercials and visual effects for Blizzard game cinematics.

In 2020, pplpleasr got a dream job offer to be a digital artist at Apple. Sadly, she became dejected after losing the opportunity due to  Covid-19 pandemic. Being unemployed, pplpleasr started seeking other ways to make money. During her search, she came across the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), crypto art, and Crypto Twitter and started selling her artwork as Twitter posts to pass the time while still applying for jobs. 

pplpleasr's work quickly went viral on Twitter, and she soon got her first big break after DeFi platform Uniswap contacted her to create an animated ad in the form of an NFT. Dubbed "x*y = k," the artwork features an animation of a Uniswap-Esque unicorn on a journey to the Ethereum wonderland. The NFT piece quickly sold out, recording over $525,000 in sales. Emily has since created several other NFTs widely appreciated by art enthusiasts and collectors.

pplpleasr's artistic style is influenced by anime, video games, underground music, and traditional Asian art. Aside from using digital mediums, she integrates hand-drawn elements with her art. 

With her magic hands and fantastic craft, pplpleasr has cemented her place as one of the leading lights of the non-fungible realm. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram not to miss out on her upcoming NFT projects.

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