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Sam Clover

Sam Clover, also called Planttdaddii, is an American visual artist skilled in digital sculpture, character design, animation, and 3D printing. She was born in Seattle, Washington State, and is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

Since her childhood days, Sam has used art as a primary way of processing life around her. Art was also a helping hand for her to cope with many things as well as a method of escapism. 

Sam’s art has a lot to do with fauna and flora as she likes gardening and studying natural history and making research about different animals, flowers, and plants. Sam always adds an element of playfulness to her artworks as well as often comes up with fictional characters. 

Her work explores a wide range of things, including mental health, self-expression, wildlife, mankind’s impact on the earth and other social issues. Sam has elaborated her significant art style, called surreal digital sculpture, influenced a lot by Jonathan Zawada, John J Audubon, Hannah Yata, and other artists working with similar approach. 

Sam’s fascinating world of imagination has not gone unnoticed by renowned brands. Over the years, she has partnered with companies such as Meta and FOX to make art for them. These artworks have earned Clover a reputable status among collectors and creators.

Catching the non-fungible vibes as early as in October 2020, Sam Clover began creating and collecting NFTs. Her artworks have been launched across several major NFT marketplaces, such as SuperRare, Foundation, OpenSea, and Zora. 

Sam Clover continues creating NFTs and astonishing the community with her talent. Explore the sensational and emotionally-connecting world of art of Sam Clover!

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