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Luis Ponce

Luis Ponce is a renowned visual artist born in Mexico but now based in Montreal, Canada. Cybernetic existentialism, posthumanism, cosmogonic myths, and crypto-culture are the leitmotifs of his artworks. Luis Ponce is a master of using loops and he is often called a ‘loop maximalist’. This feature adds a distinctive touch to his mind-bending digital artworks.

Through glitchy landscapes and multi-layered dynamic patterns, Luis connects with the wild and bizarre sides of the human mind and his audience’s everyday experience. His gifs and films are incredibly bright, intricate, rich in stripes, patterns, random body parts, and other whimsical details.  

At the beginning of his career, Luis Ponce designed 2D illustrations made solely with vectors. Over time, he evolved into adopting bitmaps, 3D modeling, op art and abstract animations generated with data flow environments. Enjoying the convergence between art and technology, the glitch art wizard expressed his interest in including AI in his preferred design tools.

In early 2021, Luis Ponce wasted no time in taking his mind-blowing artworks into the non-fungible realm. The Block Universe, a 12-second motion work reflecting the journey, processes, and challenges a being undergoes to reach reality, is among his most renowned non-fungible pieces, minted at Christie’s. Other artworks by Ponce are featured around the world in New York, London, and Mexico City. He has also gathered a community of fans and collectors around his art in the NFT realm, thus establishing himself a credible reputation.

Step inside a bizarre, glitchy imaginary world of Luis Ponce and explore his artworks. Follow him on social media and stay on top of his latest art pieces!

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