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Jen Stark

Jen Stark is a visual artist and 3D sculptor based in Los Angeles. Born in Miami, Florida, Jen grew up with a keen interest in art and later studied and graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Since then, she has unceasingly created amazing pieces that capture the minds of her audience.

Stark’s artistic style is characterized by the use of natural patterns and geometries. She creates optical art using psychedelic vibrant colors in patterns that copy the attractant/repellent color properties of flowers and motifs found in nature such as plant growth, mimetic topographies, and sacred geometries. The result is a hypnotic artwork that transports viewers’ minds to an immersive realm of echoing patterns and nature-themed designs. Stark is also known for her detailed 3D sculptures. Although Jen is recognized for her paper sculptures, she also explores foreign terrain by making them with wood, metal, and paint. With nearly two decades of experience, Jen has explored the use of different art tools. 

She has worked with several mainstream brands and was featured in several lists that make special mention like Foundation’s top 10 highest-selling creatives and Fortune’s NFTy 50. Her eye-catching art pieces have been featured in exhibitions, museums, and galleries globally.

In 2021, Jen Stark made a grand entry into the non-fungible realm. After the artist sold her intricately designed art piece, Multiverse, for 150 ETH, she understood that it could be a nice space to show, sell, and promote her other richly-designed hypnotic work and intricately crafted sculptures. 

Jen Stark is a creative wizard who makes exceptional art pieces. Follow her artistic path as she adds a layer of vibrancy and intricacy to the modern art world.

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