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Tyler Hobbs

Tyler Hobbs is an Austin-based visual artist, computer scientist, and pioneer in the Generative Art movement who creates art with autonomous systems. Using algorithms, plotters, and paint, Hoobs make art with a focus on computational aesthetics, exploring how they are formed by the biases of contemporary hardware and software, and how they blend with the natural world around humans. While computer-generated art is mathematical, Tyler Hobbs strives to express his feelings and sensations through the work rather than focusing on its mathematical properties.

During his childhood, Hobbs had diverse interests, such as drawing, painting, and playing with LEGO and Play-Doh. Growing up, he had a desire to pursue art school. However, his father's pragmatic advice led him to study Computer Science, thus he graduated as a Computer Scientist from the University of Texas in Austin. After completing his studies, Tyler worked as a software engineer for a tech startup, but he continued to draw and paint during his free time.

Hobbs later quit his Computer Science career to focus and pursue his passion for art. After that, he discovered Art Blocks, a platform for artists to publish NFT-based Generative Art where he became a curated artist. Tyler started experimenting and utilizing unconventional tools to create art and the outcomes were impressive. He found them to be more captivating than before and this inspired him to refine and develop his artistic approach.

In 2021, using his most complicated algorithm, Tyler Hobbs created Fidenza, a series of 999 computer-generated images, each minted as individual NFT that blurs the line between digital and analog. Fidenza quickly became one of the most sought-after NFT drops that year, with one work alone skyrocketing from $1,400 to over $3.3 million in two months.

Tyler Hobbs has cemented his place as one of the leading figures in Generative Art and the NFT realm, gaining recognition from collectors and artists alike. Follow Hobbs on Twitter and Instagram to know what he is creating next!

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