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Melda VNH

Melda VNH is a digital artist and illustrator based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Magical, whimsical, and colorful sketches make up a major part of her art.

Melda uses her art pieces to take her audience on a nostalgic journey, reminding them of the freedom and innocence emanating from childhood. To begin her creative process, Melda motivates herself with the saying: “I’ve never seen it, and I want to see it, so I make it.”

Her art pieces portray male and female characters with their eyes closed, as they transport their minds to the specific inner world, a realm filled with peaceful and friendly ambience. Melda’s unique approach to art has earned her prominence in the digital art space and attracted serene lovers to join the cohort of fans. 

As early as 2021, Melda made a digital footprint in the NFT realm by unveiling her artworks across several NFT marketplaces such as Foundation, OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, and KnownOrigin.

One of her most captivating collections is “The Story of Holy,” launched on Nifty Gateway. A fiery-headed creature enjoying the serenity of the natural environment is a central personage of the collection. 

Melda’s artwork strikes calmness and peace into viewers’ hearts and minds. It gives some kind of relief and brings back a childhood wonder. 

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