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F. Borousan, also known as Vertigo, is a digital artist who expresses his artistic prowess through surrealism. Since childhood, he has been intrigued by creative designs in comics and science fiction. As he got older, his interest transitioned to classical and modern arts.

He has been greatly interested in everything surreal and spent a lot of time analyzing this style when one day decided to create something himself. It was the period when Borousan unleashed his artistic self and made Vertigo come to light. Inspired by observations in his life, dreams, memories, experiences, and love, the digital artist creates art pieces that tap into his audiences' emotions, thoughts, or fears. 

Vertigo intends to immortalize his presence in the non-fungible realm through his art. Since Vertigo made his entry into the realm, he has dropped a few art pieces featured on NFT marketplaces such as LooksRare, Foundation, and SuperRare. These artworks are littered with bizarre surrealistic designs, tallied with geometry symbols and space art. All of them portray Vertigo’s artistic diversity.

Follow Vertigo as he takes his audiences on an artistic journey into the digital world of surrealism!

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