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Tara Workman

Tara Workman is a Barbados-born nature photographer currently living in Portland, Oregon. Workman has enjoyed capturing moments since she was young enough to take pictures, and in 2016, she took a photography basics class and, since then, became obsessed with photography. After learning the basics and experimenting with most genres, Tara gradually gravitated towards nature as her main subject matter.

Tara Workman has a unique approach to capturing beauty in simple moments, celebrating the art of finding wonder in less obvious ways. Through a 'less is more' approach, her images celebrate the simplicity of nature with a focus on abstracts and intimate scenes. Workman strives to engage the imagination through soft colors and pleasing shapes, encouraging the viewer to escape reality. The artist tends to follow her curiosity rather than plan with her favorite images made at unexpected places.

Tara draws inspiration from other photographers and artists with unique ways of seeing the world, just like herself. Her craft has received wide acceptance from prominent names in the industry.

In recent years, the Portland-based artist has been turning her art into NFTs, leveraging the potential that the technology offers to artists. She has released several non-fungible photography collections, with 'Simple Elegance', featuring images of sand dunes in different shapes and colors, which sold out very quickly. 

Workman is an inspiring artist that continues to push the boundaries of her artistic vision. This artist is definitely one to look out for!

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