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Kristopher Shinn

Kristopher Shinn is a renowned photographer who loves to capture images on film and share them as they are. His work is characterized by its calm and pure aesthetic as Kristopher focuses on capturing moments as close to the original scene as possible. He mainly shoots with film and minimizes the use of post-processing.

Shinn's love for photography began in middle school when his parents bought him a Canon PowerShot digital camera. In high school, he took some photography courses and learned more about developing films in a darkroom and basics in Photoshop. 

Shinn pursued music for years but returned to photography after taking a job that required it – which helped restore his love for shooting again. He then quickly developed a passion for landscape photography, traveling to specific places to come home with photos and memories. 

A few years ago, Kristopher Shinn started sharing his photography and connecting with people on Twitter and eventually got introduced to NFTs by new friends who were already in the space.

In March of 2021, he started turning his photography into NFTs and has since reached a lot of success. One of his notable non-fungible creations, dubbed "By Way of Water," is a 100-piece collection of shots taken aboard various ferries around the Seattle, WA, area. 

Kristopher Shinn has also released several other prominent collections and collaborated with renowned artists like Batzdu, Postwook, Efdot, and others. His creations can be found on popular NFT marketplaces such as SuperRare, OpenSea, and Foundation.

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