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Jason Balducci

Born in Rome, Jason Balducci is a Toronto-based contemporary visual artist whose expressive works embody a vibrant energy and spontaneity, expressing the character of the Expressionist Movement. Balducci's colorful paintings, defined by vibrant colors, uneven layers, sketchy lines, and fragmental bodies, reflect his unconventional artistic personality.

His distinct style, which combines an unconventional fusion of techniques and material, showcases his fearless visionary take on life. He has drawn inspiration from various art movements and counted innovators such as Basquiat, de Kooning, and Warhol among his enduring sources of creativity.

Balducci's love for art started early, and he pursued a Bachelor of Art from the esteemed Academy of Fine Arts in Italy and Spain. Since then, Balducci has established himself as an acclaimed artist with an extensive international portfolio. His work is collected by art lovers worldwide, spanning the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia. 

A few years ago, Jason Balducci was inspired to venture into the world of NFTs. He viewed it as an innovative way to experiment and tap into uncharted territories – exploring his models' personalities and his own state of mind. One of his popular collections, titled MEMENTO MORI, which consists of 52 distinct NFT pieces on the Ethereum blockchain, has garnered widespread acclaim. Balducci has also released several other digital creations that collectors can now buy on prominent marketplaces such as SuperRare, OpenSea, and Foundation. 

Balducci's masterful creations showcase his exceptional artistic prowess and have gained appreciation from collectors globally. 

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