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Born in 1999, Mediolanum is a self-taught, first-generation Bangladeshi American artist based in New York. Named after the city of the same name, 'Mediolanum,' the ancient city where Milan now stands, his work often features anatomy as a central motif, which he explores through a unique blend of scientific and creative perspectives. 

His interest in the human body led him to create many anatomical sketches, providing him with a unique perspective to abstract the form of the human body and depict it in diverse ways for his audience. His artwork experiments with different themes, exploring the spectrum of bright and dark color palettes.

Mediolanum's art is a reflection of his eclectic range of inspirations, each more diverse than the last. From the pulsating rhythms of music to the dynamic world of fashion and the captivating realm of art, he weaves together a tapestry of influences that brings a distinctive flair to his creations. 

Mediolanum's artistic journey took a new turn as he recently began exploring the NFT realm, which provided him with a fresh perspective on the collection and sale of art. It all started when he fell in love with the infinite possibilities of art while taking a Contemporary Art 101 class in college. With a natural passion for the Arts and a creative spirit, he eventually created an account to share art, leading him to one day realize that he could also create his own unique pieces. 

Some of Mediolanum's unique digital creations include 'Why Do I Feel Nothing' and 'Accepting all My Flaws,' which can be viewed and collected on the SuperRare NFT marketplace.

Mediolanum is a talented artist who is constantly pushing the boundaries of digital art. His work is both beautiful and thought-provoking, and it is sure to continue to inspire viewers for years to come!

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