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Mat Miller

Originally from Buckinghamshire, Mat Miller is an illustrator based in Bristol, UK. Miller's art began to take shape in secondary school, where sci-fi artists and anime made him realize how graphic and fantasy-led art could look. After his secondary education, Mat attended the University of Huddersfield, graduated with a degree in graphic design, and later forged his path as a freelance artist. This metier let him make the kind of art he had dreamed of since high school.

Miller’s fanciful and dream-like art is mainly focused on animals, made-up creatures, myths, folklore, and the natural world. His work contains biomechanical and abstract elements, bringing flourishes of neon colors in contrast against pastel tones with plenty of nice details in between. 

Mat Miller specializes in traditional illustration and digital painting, wherein he hand-draws the outline of his pieces and then uses a graphics pad to digitally color them and achieve vibrancy. He creates art with a variety of tools, including a technical pencil, pentel pocket brush pen, watercolors, acrylic ink, photoshop, illustrator, a graphics tablet, and paper.

Miller's digital pieces are available as non-fungible tokens on multiple NFT marketplaces, including SuperRare, Foundation, and KnownOrigin. Follow Matt on social media not to miss his new releases!

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