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Rosalvo Melo

Rosalvo Melo is a highly-skilled 2D/3D motion designer and musician based in London, England. Melo explores his artistic vision and creative expression through personal projects and music, constantly challenging himself to discover new things and improve his skills. Rosalvo’s international background and multicultural experiences give a unique perspective to his craft.

With more than 10 years of expertise, he has designed and animated visual content for multiple high-profile brands, including British Museum, Rolling Stones, U2, Katy Perry, Adele, ASAP Rocky, London Grammar, and more. Moreover, he has displayed his works at various globally prominent events and shows.

Having sharpened his craft for over a decade, Melo started exploring the NFT realm in 2021, releasing several NFTs that showcased his colorful, fantastical, surreal, and space/alien-themed style. His most valuable NFT creations, named Hover and Amber, revolve around these themes. 

Melo’s signature style has earned him a decent following across social media that continues to grow every day. 

Being a diligent professional motion designer with a unique style and multicultural experience, Melo is surely the artist to look out for!

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