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Jeremy Cowart

Jeremy Cowart is a contemporary artist, photographer, and entrepreneur based in Nashville, Tennessee. Initially starting as a painter, he fell in love with the creative process and then went on to study graphic design in college. After Jeremy began taking pictures to bring texture into his designs, he realized photography was his true passion. 

Jeremy devoted himself to photography full-time and his effort quickly paid off, drawing the attention of a photography agent who promoted Jeremy to shoot for some of the most popular magazines. Spending the past 15 years as a photographer, Jeremy Cowart has taken portraits of many celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Tim Tebow, The Kardashians, Sting, Emma Stone, Ryan Seacrest, just to name a few. 

Jeremy Cowart’s photos are truly distinctive as he has a unique ability to capture the raw emotions of his models. Besides, he has elaborated a unique approach to his art that combines traditional photography techniques with digital manipulation and mixed media. Due to his skills, unique methods, and expertise, Jeremy Cowart quickly became a respected artistic voice among artists, photographers, and celebrities.

Cowart, who sees photography as a natural extension of his passion for the arts, also spends time on social art, building and working on projects that have a community impact. He is the founder of Help-Portrait, a project that empowers photographers, hair stylists, and makeup artists to use their skills and expertise to give back to their community.

Cowart's work, which spans painting, graphic design, and photography, all came together in his first NFT collection dubbed 'Block Queens,' which consists of 999 interactive NFTs. Jeremy started exploring NFTs in 2021 and believes we will all live with digital art in the future, the same way we live today with prints, posters, and paintings.

In addition to creating and selling NFT artworks, Jeremy Cowart advocates for the potential of the NFT industry. He has voiced his belief and methods with emerging artists and creatives on how they can leverage NFTs to skyrocket their careers. 

Jeremy Cowart is a talented and versatile artist who never stops pushing boundaries and innovating. His artworks made a significant impact both in the traditional art world and the NFT realm and are likely to be remembered for years to come.

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