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Prince Jacon Osinachi Igwe, also called Osinachi, is a self-taught Nigerian digital artist that lives in Lagos, Nigeria. At age 15, he spent lots of time in front of a computer exploring the drawing tools on Microsoft Word. Over the past 17 years, he has mastered the art of using the Word’s drawing tools to create art and express artistic designs to his audience.

From making logos, Osinachi progressed to portraying his aesthetic skills through designs of collages and minutely-detailed illustrations. Osinachi creates his art based on personal experiences and conveys it through a unique visual language. 

While diligently searching for places to sell his artworks beyond platforms like Instagram, Osinachi heard about the NFT space in 2017. The following year, he delved into the realm and began to connect with a broader audience. Several of his NFT-featured artworks portray his unique abstract style mimicking traditional African ornaments and features.

One of Osinachi’s most popular NFT releases is the 1000-piece avatar collection, Across the Face. The generative PFP project brought Async and SuperRare NFT platforms together in a rare collaboration for a single launch. Moreover, Osinachi has a partnership with Nigerian NFT degen and celebrity Don Jazzy for the release of the Osinachi x Don Jazzy drops on Nifty Gateway under his belt.

Osinachi’s artworks have also caught much attention from around the world. For example, in 2022, the Buffalo AKG Art Museum in New York acquired his design. He also became the first African artist to have his art designs auctioned at Christie’s auction house in Europe.

Osinachi is also keen on brewing the younger generation of African artists. Termed one of the 100 Most Influential Africans for 2022, Osinachi masterminded the Africa Here accelerator program, which helped onboard 70 native African artists to the new creator economy. He is also involved with the Afrofuture DAO to give back to his African heritage.

Osinachi taps into his rich African experience to produce artwork that elevates the continent on the global scene. All his artistic pursuits and achievements make him an inspiring person to keep your eye out for!

 Explore the aesthetic art designs of Africa’s foremost crypto artist!

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