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The Doodle Boy

Joe Whale, also called the Doodle Boy, is a UK-based 13-year-old artist who expresses his artistic skills through doodles. Despite being reprimanded at school for doodling at age 9, he did not relent in pursuing his dreams and started attending an after-school art course.

With a plain white surface and a black marker, the Doodle Boy portrays his inner artistic thoughts and this resonates with many people. His designs often feature aliens, monsters, and food. Whale’s artworks have earned him collaborations and endorsements from top brands such as Nike and Disney.

The Doodle Boy has also made waves in the NFT realm. Teamed up with Orange Comet, The Doodle Boy released the Remarkables NFT Collection that kickstarted his way in Web3. 

Stay tuned for more drops from the Doodle Boy!

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