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Empress Trash

Drea Jay, better known on web3 as Empress Trash, is a nomadic, multidiscipline visual artist with BFA in painting, drawing, and animation/design. Art has been Drea's safe haven since her early years, as at the age of 13, she had to flee from her abusive schizophrenic mother.

When asked about her pseudonym, Drea Jay explains that Empress stands for the ongoing search for sovereignty and elevated autonomy, firstly from her close relative, while Trash stands for her aesthetic in art and her roots as "trailer trash". These two sides of her personality are perfectly mirrored in Empress Trash's art, which is abundant in abstraction, surrealism, trash, glitch art, and AI tech. Moreover, Jay's works are sipped through with self-exploration, delivering highly emotional, physical, mental, sexual, and spiritual vibes to the viewer.

Having first dipped her toe in the web3 space back in 2021, Empress Trash has become one of the key trendsetters in glitchy trash art and an ambassador for Tezos NFTs.

Delve into the surrealistic journey with Empress Trash, and find inspiration for personal glitchy endeavors! 

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