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Terrell Jones

Terrell Jones is a digital artist, designer, and creative director whose NFT art is much influenced by TV cartoons, manga books, gangster movies, fashion, and artworks by other creators. In his art, Terrell calls to the viewer's feelings of nostalgia, fashion, and introspection. 

The creator names his style the so-called “soft-shill taco method” or "Pop-Precisionism," which is a blend of pop art from around the ‘80s. Telling stories through NFT art in such collections as Evil in Colour and Good and Evil, Terrell Jones turns to the devilish theme and makes his image a centerpiece throughout the series. These two collections came as a nod to gangster films Terrell is so nostalgic about.

Terrell has many top-tier collaborations behind his belt. One of those is the partnership with the NFT project Aku Akutars, founded by Micah Johnson. His Joy and Wonder series, featuring a colored boy in a space helmet, reminded people of the legendary Aku, which made Micah Johnson get in touch with Terrell Jones for a collab.

Backed with a captivating storyline, all of Terrell Jones' NFT series, focused on self-expression and nostalgic vibes are distinctive and characterful, which puts the artist in one line with the most prominent representatives of NFT art of the present.

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