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Oveck Reyes

Oveck Reyes is a professional multimedia artist based in New York City. He started his career journey as a musician before switching to photography in 2009. Working in a photography studio, Oveck encountered lots of talented photographers and studied their techniques. Later, he started experimenting in this creative field to elaborate his distinctive style. 

Even though he had no formal training in any artistic field, Oveck continued to pursue his creative talents. Over the years, he has explored various facets of art, such as artistic portraits, oil painting, animations, and digital painting.

Oveck distinguishes himself from other artists by employing motion blurs in his artworks, giving them a psychedelic and paint-like appearance. His artistic style got him into deals with brands such as Sony and HoldFast Gear, enabling him to travel to different parts of the world.

His first exposure to NFTs came in late 2020, even though he initially disregarded the space. After being urged on by friends, he took his first step into the industry as a collector. Later, he debuted as a creator by releasing a digital version of one of his artworks on Foundation. His creative approach revolves around interlacing photography with digital art, converting his photo shoots into incredible paintings.

In recent times, Oveck has shown a wide variety of his digital artworks to the NFT world and dropped them on various NFT marketplaces like SuperRare. Being blind in the right eye has not stopped the artist from building his horizon on digital painting and animation, and the NFT industry has proven to be a perfect haven for his creations.

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