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Antpantone, also known as ANT, is a professional artist famous for using schematics and color palettes for his designs. He also uses textiles of fragmented photographs to create stop-motion physical animations.

ANT gets inspired to make art by pondering his past observations and experiences as he tries to unlock new boundaries and develop existing skills. The artist describes his style as the manifestation of the user interface of his imagination, realised through fragmented photography and iconography styles. Some finest art pieces of ANT are “System Error 404” and “Lavender Field Of View.”

Delving into the digital art world in June 2021, ANT embraced digital collectibles and became an NFT creator. Several of his works have been published on NFT platforms such as SuperRare and Foundation.

ANT is especially fascinated by the window of opportunities available to artists in the digital art space, one of which is the network of associates and clients with common goals. He admits that it is something he does not experience in the traditional art industry.

Antpantone continues to explore the physical and digital worlds of art. While physical art gives his artwork the uniqueness of touch and instinct, digital tools give him more precision and control over his work.

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